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Updated: Dec 7, 2022

One of the things i would hope that I do, is help people in need. I am always trying to give my stuff to people who I feel 'need' a little extra when it comes to needing to heal from something. If I notice someone coughing or sounding ill I'm the first one to recommend something or I try to give them a tincture or salve I know will help....I use to be that person that helped everyone but themselves. I actually sat myself down one day and said "ENOUGH, you have to help yourself as well." I wouldn't say I've made a lot of progress in that arena, but I'm getting better at saying 'no', when i need to and doing things for myself.

I know I've mentioned this before but I started my herbal business because people and animals needed my help. That hasn't changed but I have. I have learned so much in the last few years that I find myself listening more and talking less. Listening allows you to hear so much more than what someone is telling you. It allows you an insight into someone's internal space, that's where the sounds are the loudest, the one's that really let you know what's going on, and how to help...I'm by no means perfect and I'm still working on listening better, but I've come along ways. Yes, all of what I have learned, read, studied, seen and heard, helps, but we have soo much around us that can help us I pale at the knowledge that came before even 500 years ago. They knew so much and we are barely getting back to that knowledge...

More people are getting into learning about the plants around us and the miracles they can perform. Many more are getting into using the essential oils to help people. And more still are getting into the healing arts of Reiki, Chi Gong, Energy manipulation, Sound Healing and so many others...It is an AMAZING time to be alive!!

One of the ladies I have been helping for a little while has really touched my heart. I feel drawn to helping her in any way I can. She has had some pretty tough times and yet her light shines brightly. She has had some severe Covid issues recently and honestly with Covid its a consistently changing monster, but i sent her what i thought would help as i always do and amazingly it has helped her. I just hope this message even as small as it is is able to get out there to someone else who has given up hope of every feeling a bit better and maybe even some semblance of normal.

"For those Long Covid sufferers like myself please consider my review. I have had severe covid twice in 1.5 years. I have lasting damage and hardship but I'd like to address a chronic persistent problem. On top of so many serious side affects I also have had persistent rash, lesions, etc. My rash was like a combo of measles and chicken pox. Nasty. I have continual outbreaks on face and down spine but in last 6 months I have now gotten shingle type lesions also. Recently I got a pretty bad outbreak. I contacted my hero in health Tami. She quickly sent me an emergency kit with Disease, Poke Root and Dandelion Root tinctures. I use 3 tinctures of hers daily already so adding 3 more that are taken 3 times daily and again before bed ..well I had a problem staying on consistent schedule. I mostly got max doses in daily but timing was inconsistent. In spite of this within 48 hours rashes, pocks and lesions showed 50% improvement. Within 4 days they were drying up and no longer weeping. A large lesion on my face was markedly smaller. Now a week into these tinctures everything is 90% better and no new anything! Usually it takes at least a month to clear up but is back within a month max two. This is a game changer for me. There are many covid issues with me that are very severe but for this relentless little monster rash stuff Tami helped me kick it to the curb. Thank you Tami, my friend. You're the best at what you do and love!🫂❤️🫂❤️"

Some day soon this will be all over. Some day soon! Be kind to yourself and anyone you come in contact with, you don't know what they are going through and maybe your smile or words of encouragement will help them make it through another day!


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