Kick The Cough Tea Blend

Kick The Cough Tea Blend

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Got a nasty cough?  Dry cough, smokers cough, wet cough?  Kick the cough like a superhero! Not bad tasting hot or cold!
You can spend $30-40 dollars at the store for something that has a ton of chemicals in it and may not even work, or you can spend a few dollars to actually fix the problem... try it now before it's gone!
Safe for children as well...

Mullien, Elderberries, Calendula, Daldelion Root, Nettle, Brigham Tea, Licorice Root
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    Place 1 Teaspoon or more in Tea Ball.  Add Tea Ball to hot mug of water and sweeten to taste.  Take 3 times per day.  Can be drank hot or cold.


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