Pet Safe Kitty Calm w/CBD

Pet Safe Kitty Calm w/CBD


As with Dogs, Cats handle CBD as well.  It is excellent for Pain, Seizures and Stress.  However, unlike Dogs Cats are a bit more sensitive and dosage should be more specific. Cats can suffer gastrointestinal upset and some sedation, both of which can be relieved by discontinuing the use of the oil. See Product Information for dosages. 

Comes in 1oz Amber glass container. Can be directly placed in mouth, on treat or in food. 



Coconut Oil, CBD Isolate.


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  • Product Information

    Weight     Low Dose     Stronger Dose

    2 lbs 02 drops 3 drops
    4 lbs  3 drops  6 drops
    6 lbs  5 drops  9 drops
    8 lbs  6 drops 12 drops
    10 lbs  8 drops 15 drops
    12 lbs  9 drops  18 drops
    14 lbs  11 drops  21 drops
    16 lbs 12 drops  24 drops
    18 lbs 14 drops  27 drops
    20 lbs  15 drops 30 drops (1ml)


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