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Winter Blues

Everybody gets it eventually...that blah feeling. That, "I really want to get outside and start planting my garden", "I want to exercise more, but it's so cold out", feeling. The voices in your head start slowly, you've had a few days of sunshine and 40 degree temps...then some Blizzard by the name of 'Olive' (?!) shows up and the temps drop and we're back being stuck in the house and shoving tons of wood into the fireplace to stay warm. I'm over it! I want to go out and do something, anything that has to do with dirt under my finger nails....30 +- more days until Spring. I can do this! I love least I use to .

So back to reality...we're stuck inside...there's not a lot of sun for the solar panels, but enough for some music and some other minor frivolities. Still working on Body Butter and dishes; there's always so many dishes to wash, dry and put away. Today we're going to make a Tea and put some orders together so they can go out Monday ahead of schedule. I have oil to make for ear drops and bottles to fill. Today may even be a great day to make some Winter Blues Tincture. It's simple and takes little time. Tastes great and makes my mood a bit more 'sunny'. I could use a break for sure, my disposition lately hasn't been all that pleasant. It's hard to be upbeat when other people are so negative and's tough. Makes a girl want to scream; at everyone. And that's not fair, but it happens. Meditation isn't helping, Grounding isn't helping, staying away from other people with negative moods is helping but they're still to close, I need space, I need a break from them....I need a Craft Show or something. A few days away, maybe a Month?

Decided to start eating better even this winter, seems like the right thing to do with the cost of EVERYTHING going up so much. I'm planning a huge garden and learning a few other canning tricks. I've even put the sugar down, I haven't had sugar in a few days...I had a slight headache but a little bit of my CBD roll on and I was back in tip-top no--head-ache-condition. Drinking more water; that's a tough one. Most water tastes like crap...although I have found a bottled water I like, it's just expensive. All bottled water is expensive, but this is PH balanced and actually tastes good. I alternate with the well water so I'm not spending so much but again, everything is expensive these days. I'm actually surprised people are making it. Hopefully all of the changes I'm doing will also help my mood even though most of it is based off others moods...i need to work on that.

Lets make some Winter Blues can make it to.

Take equal parts dried Lemon Balm and dried St Johns Wort and place in a small glass container. Next mix 2/3 Vegetable Glycerin (not reg Glycerin as it is made with petroleum) and 1/3 Distilled water. Mix the Veg Glycerin and the Water together in a small bowl and place in the microwave or on the stove for a few minutes simply to warm the mix up. Once its warm pour over the dried herbs, making certain to cover them by at least an inch. If you need more Veg Glycerin and water simply mix another small amount up and add to your bottle.. I usually then place this in a double boiler over low to allow the two to infuse. I let it cook for an hour turn it off and let it cool completely and then do the heat up/cool of at least 2 more times. Then strain your ingredients into a jelly net or several folded layers of cheese cloth into a clean container, squeeze the contents of the cheese cloth or jelly strainer in as well. Once this is accomplished you can then strain it through a coffee filter if you wish to get the remaining settlements or place in a dark bottle label and date. This mix has a shelf life of one yr. Take a few drops per day to feel a bit more uplifted than the day before. You can also find this on my website.

It's a nice pick-me-up and its non-alcoholic, so it's great for everyone. No harsh chemicals, no additives to make you feel like your head is not on your body, nothing, just simple ingredients.

Well...time to do something else to keep my mind busy.

See ya in the Spring!!

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