Anxiety/Panic Attack Tea Blend

Anxiety/Panic Attack Tea Blend

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Sometimes after I have fallen asleep and am woke up by a noise or something I may get a panic attack, I can't go back to sleep and that makes it worse.  Sometimes the stress of the day makes me freak out, sometimes it's nothing and other times it's something....
This blend will help calm you down and mellow you out. It works with the nervous system to give you the support you need. Very mellowing and has a great flavor.
Need an ingredient taken out?  Please let me know and i will be happy to make you something special.

If you intend to drive or operate heavy machinery do not drink this tea before hand, it will relax you that much.  
Ingredients: Chamomile, Hops, Valerian, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Anise Hyssop, Lemon Grass, Buckthorn, Raspberry Leaves, Lobelia, Red Clover.


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    Take 1 teaspoon or more of product, place in tea ball.  Add to cup of boiling water and let sit for 5-8 minutes.  Sweeten to taste.


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