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Athletes Foot Spray

Athletes Foot Spray


Athlete's foot is a fungal infection that usually begins between the toes, but can be also seen in other locations. It commonly occurs in people whose feet have become somewhat sweaty while being confined within tight fitting shoes.

Signs and symptoms of athlete's foot include a scaly rash that usually causes itching, stinging and burning.... Its uncomfortable...

Try something natural, something that smells good and works fast. 


Comes in a 1oz spray bottle


Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Natural Herbs & Essential Oils.

  • Use

    Take a cotton ball and spray it then wipe where the fungus is,  or simply spray the effected area.  Use 2 or more times per day.  Be sure to let your feet air out for a few hours every day. Wash your shoes atleast a few times per month.

  • Returns

    No Returns or Exchanges.  Our products are made by hand, we can not accept returns. You may however cancel your order at any time before it ships.

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