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Mattress Spray

Mattress Spray


Spiders in your Bed?.... Bed Bugs?.....Can't Sleep?....Strange Place? Hotel/Motel?
Why is it when your at that point your just about to fall asleep.... suddenly you feel something on your leg....and its mooovvving.....
EEEPP... You fly out from underneath the covers like Freddy Kruger just snuggled up to you in bed.... You're finally able to come back, turn the lights on and look under the covers only to discover it was a spider.....yuk! 
Well this has happened to me a time or two...and I had no idea I could move that fast! The ones I really hate are the ones that crawl across your face when you are asleep...oh man...its amazing how hard I hit myself trying to kill it, all while still half asleep, and then end up with spider guts on my face...eeeeww, even worse!
Well, I decided there had to be something that would keep them out of the bed.. period.... and maybe even help me sleep or at least help me to relax enough to fall asleep, plus if we go out to a hotel while on vacation I wanted something to kill bed bugs,  and mites....


100% All Natural Ingredients.   REFILLS NOW AVAILABLE!!!  SAVE YOUR CONTAINER!!


Eucalyptus EO, Lemon EO, Lavender EO, Tea Tree EO, Peppermint EO, Witch Hazel, Distilled water, Rubbing Alcohol.

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