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Pet Safe Outdoor Bundle

Pet Safe Outdoor Bundle


Taking your dog Camping, Hiking or just want to make sure the mosquitos and ticks don't attach themselves to your Dog?  Have anything in your Dog's First Aid Kit to help stop bleeding? 

If you carry a First Aid kit for yourself, you should carry one for your Dog. This kit comes with Bug Spray, Ear Drops and a Healing Salve in case you run across any situation that requires aid for your dog...

The bug spray reduces the chance your dog will pick up ticks or get bit by mosquitos, biting flys and even spiders.  The ear drops help with ear cleaning and or keeping bacteria out and the Healing salve will help to stop bleeding and or help to eliminate any infection from a scratch or bite.


Comes with a 4oz BugBeGone Spray, 1oz Ear Drop, and 1oz Healing Salve.



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