• Tami

A Year in Review

Its been over a year since we last sat down and chatted...A lot has happened in that year and we are at the door step to another. For us here at NADM, its been busy. We have an amazing Amazon buyer who is keeping us busy, and we have a host of followers on the website and our other outlets that are finding our products helpful and beneficial. To you all...we are Humbled and Grateful for your patronage. We are always trying to make new products that everyone will like...that can be difficult in a lot of respects but we keep moving forward...ever forward.

We've purchased a piece of property to begin a new leg of our business...farming. Now when I say Farming, I mean, yes, definitely raising animals for food and a garden as well, but it also means raising herbs and other plants that we use a lot of or just can't seem to get. Some of the plants we will be raising are on the endangered species list of botanicals. For instance, False Unicorn....I need it, but can't get it. I can get plants, but not the dried herb. It's a tricky one but I think I can manage its needs in a green house. Actually there is a whole list of plants that we intend on propagating...ever moving forward.

On a sad note, we lost our beloved mascot, April May...she passed in July and is resting peacefully under a huge stone that, when I saw it initially, I knew this was where I would be putting her. She is currently overlooking a part of the orchard. I think she likes it there. She passed to renal failure...something I will be dealing with in some of the new dog products we'll be making. And maybe even in the month of July offer free products in her name. Time will tell. We do have her protégé, Moose, who will be moving into April's absent mascot duties in time. He's 3 yrs old now and a bit of a loose canon when it comes to listening whilst in the woods looking for product. I need him to learn to stay close and warn of danger, but that comes with more outings and training.