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Things will never be the same...

It's Spring time once again here in the Rockies. NW Montana has gotten some weird weather of sorts this year. In fact we were in the 80's most of last week and today for the remainder of the week we have rain and cooler temps to look forward to. I planted some trees in hopes that the weather wouldn't get to terribly crazy, I'd like them to survive. And at over $100 for some they better survive... Garden beds are being made, plans for what plant to put in what box is being worked out. Buying plants from many of the local places that i usually shop are so dang expensive it blows my mind. I saw at one place that a single baby stalk of corn was $6.00, even if it produced 6 ears of corn that's WAY to expensive.

I got 42 baby chicks this year. So far we haven't lost any, so 2 years in a row now I'm 100% on my baby survival rate. YES!! Next issue is integrating all of them into the current flock...I'm no expert but i am trying to do my best at paying attention to their needs and making certain everyone is happy. In fact i had a few Guineas, they made so much noise ALL OF THE TIME that a lot of my hens weren't laying. I decided enough was enough, my sanity was waning and i took them out of the flock. The very next day ALL of my hens layed.

The oldest baby chicks are 4 weeks and the youngest are a week. So everyone will be let out in a more oldest out first scenario. I think I'll let them out in the run with some of the more docile hens and see what transpires and then do that for a few days before i just let everyone free range at will. I'll have to get some pictures of them posted up so you can see all their cute faces. Although i did get 10 meat birds and if they are all roosters again this year, well, you wont see their cute faces. It was so sad not to have a single meat hen. Id love to have more and would love to just have my birds raise their own, but we're just to young of a flock right now i think. Soon though, i think they will get sitting on their won soon enough.

With our economy in such sad shape and things costing so much these days I'm surprised more people aren't having a seriously difficult time getting food and paying bills. Bankruptcy should be #1 for a lot of folks...I think we may have to all start looking at growing our own veggie's and raising our own meat. That or start helping our neighbors out by selling to them at a much discounted or free/trade/barter rate. So often in helping people with health issues I've been guided to help someone who cant necessarily pay full price for something they need. I enjoy the giving it as a gift or discounting it so that they too can reap the benefits of the healing gifts plants bring us. It's been tough for us here as well....not having a real 9-5 job, well, i really enjoy that part, but the uncertainty of when the next big order is going to come in, is it going to be enough to pay what bills i have, can we continue doing this...ya those things plague me but I'd help someone out if they asked me without hesitation money or not. We are all one... one big tribe, one big family. We need to take care of each other as best we can. It'll be over soon enough.

Think Spring! Get out and plant something and enjoy your family!! I'll find a nice recipe to post and send that later.

Have a fabulous month!!

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