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My partner and companion is turning 12 today. I have had several other Labs in my life and they all have passed away on or before their 12th Birthday. So I have to say that the herbs and food that I have been feeding my girl are proof once again that herbs heal while the foods and medicines they are stuffing down our throats are killing, not only people but our pets also.

Now April has had a lot of accidents in her life and she is no longer able to run, walk long distances or really get any exercise. So she is over weight. She has lost 20 lbs recently and is losing more weekly. She takes a blood cleaner and she is on CBD Oil for her pain and arthritis. Every now and gain she wants to play but that is short-lived because she ends up hurting herself. But shes in good spirits and i hope she is around for another few years. And I will keep feeding her her special blend of food and herbs.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!!

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