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Break up

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

It's March and the snow has begun to melt... we're getting Rain, Snow, Freezing and then Rain again. I'm never certain if we are supposed to wear muck boots, snow boots or just stay inside. Spring Fever? Oh ya, you bet we've got it. We have chicks coming in April, a chicken coop to build, a wood shed, a better corral for the goats, a solar system to get up for the shop and the house, a garden to get in, and so many other things that we just cant contain ourselves... The road in and out has become a nightmare...with so many people driving on it in the worse conditions ever...the road is a virtual Rockcrawlers dream....we've got so many obstacles you could hold the world rockcrawling event right here.(Those were the days...)

Well, I hope your March is going better....I hope your list isn't near as long as mine. And hey, if you don't have anything to do you could totally come and help me...I'd love to put you to work!!

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