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Progression or Procrastination

Since beginning this journey of herbal healing, I decided that if I was going to do this correctly, it meant I would have to make myself uncomfortable and do things I don't like to do. For example: I started out selling my items at the Farmers Market, then I went to a Fair and then I went to an Expo. So you see the progression there. Honestly, these things were hard for me. I like being in the background, I like being invisible. But owning your own business, that's the last thing you can be. I have a degree in Accounting and Business, put the two together and I can manage the shit out this and my money. But I cant manage myself into being the perfect salesperson. It takes work.

I am also challenging myself to do more things like a Blog...videos (I haven't started that yet), advertising in my local paper, advertising... the list is endless. But the reason I am doing this is to continue to move my business forward. I have to move out of my comfort level to move my business and myself forward. Always forward never back.. basically that's my life moto. I have never gone back to a job, or remarried the same person twice. I do have some situations that seem to move me backwards, but I am definitely moving forward, ever forward.

One of the more recent things I have done is move to a different service provider for my web site. I don't know if it will make a difference, but its a chance I need to take. The other site just wasn't offering anything to help my business move forward. I spent a lot of time in the 'rest area' of web sites. Never really moving forward just merely idling for the moment I could move into traffic....ho hum... Well I have 'changed vehicles' and I'm ready to hit the fast lane!

Lets see how this goes...

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