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What We Imagine We Create...

I have created a successful herbal business....I have imagined myself into having my own shop that allows me to make my products in a larger than life space.

Just think what you too can do if you imagined it into reality... I love what I do. I really do. I don't enjoy going to a regular office job. I enjoy challenges, I always have. I challenge myself in many regards. I find a job I have never done or have no idea what they do... I get the job, I perfect the job I have been given and I expand my knowledge base of said job. Then as I have achieved said perfection of that job (i.e I can do that job with my eyes closed), I get bored...really really bored. I then have to find a new challenge. I have found that challenge in my herbal business. I want to make things better, silkier, or more healing, better tasting... anything better I want to do it. Now sometimes you can't perfect what Mother Nature has given you but I know my boundaries there and i respect that. But seriously... if you find that you LOVE doing something but never see yourself doing it but you REALLY want to do it... Picture yourself doing it, making it, designing it, setting up your own place... Imagine yourself doing it!

You CAN do it!!!

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